Saturday, February 21, 2009

Register-Star to Stop Publishing Sunday and Monday Editions

Register-Star to Stop Publishing
Sunday and Monday Editions
By Roger F. Coleman
COLUMBIA COUNTY - Next month, Hudson-Catskill Newspapers will be re-launching the Register-Star as a daily newspaper published Tuesday through Saturday. The final Sunday edition Register-Star will be published on Sunday, Feb. 22, and our new weekend edition will debut Saturday, Feb. 28.

This publishing frequency will help us manage the increasing costs of delivery and printing without having to pass the added expense along to readers and advertisers. This schedule will also enable us to produce the most compelling and useful local newspaper that fits the community's lifestyle and support level.

Our current Saturday and Sunday editions will be merged to create a weekend edition, available and delivered Saturday mornings. This means you will receive all the money-saving coupons and sales flyers from local businesses one day earlier for use in your weekend shopping. This will also give you more time to enjoy the features such as Living Today and the USA Weekend and American Profile magazines.

Your Weekend Edition will still include all the local, state and around the globe news, nationally respected columnists, feature stories, sports scores, entertainment options, color comics, crossword puzzles, Sudoko and all the many other items that you have enjoyed for so many years.

Subscribers who have paid for home delivery of the Register-Star will receive an extension equal to the total number of days they have paid for.

We will, of course, continue to publish news and local information every day, 24/7, updated each day on, the fastest growing and most complete local news Web site in Columbia County.
Questions? Contact the Register-Star at 518-828-1616.

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